New Orleans

My Favourite New Orleans Artsy Photos

Tis a city of rich and very poor. Tis a city of joy and rebirth, one that holds your heart oh so gently. A place to grow, to experience, to live. New Orleans is not only Bourbon Street. The people and their resilience are wonderful. I take with me memories of friends both old and…

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New Orleans at Night

From irreverent Mardi Gras parades to the music and life of a city that jumps with rhythm and character. These shots may not be professional quality, but they show the life of a city at night. A city that entertains, cajoles and drags you into it’s heart. A place where a song is in your…

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New Orleans Architecture

Sometimes big is beautiful. Sometimes small is beautiful. What your eyes see in New Orleans are a wonderful mix of tradition, creativity, originality and verve. Pride and Mardi Gras decorations are on every street. This city creates inside you a feeling of possibility, endurance and hope.  Enjoy.

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