About WeeHouse

A little story about me:

My name is Steven Jones. Everyone has met one of my namesakes in their life.

This Steven Jones was in sales for years. Now he works as a business coach and a marketing guy. I help small business owners and people live in a different way - one in which they begin to find what is important to them to be fulfilled and realize that their lives can be different as they live their passions. I have a website that explains this - www.perceptionmarketing.ca .

In the fall of 2009, I was diagnosed with Graves' Disease. My symptoms resulted in double vision. Through the next two years, doses of steroids, three operations and radiation, there were long passages of time that I could not read or drive or even watch television - I would see double. I had wonderful support from friends and family and realized that I needed to channel the pain into a positive space. So I began to paint, and through this method of self therapy, I realized that I cherished the time I painted. Now that I am healthy again, I just can't stop painting! Whether by taking photographs, or renovating my home, or creating art, I try to live a positive life of flow, creativity and contentment.

I also realized that life can be short, and so I am working towards being the best coach I can be, and by helping those who want to refocus their lives.

Every once in a while, I open my home for an art show. Nothing crazy, just sharing and finding out that someone will want to own one of my works so that I can go out and buy more paint and more canvases to create more stuff.

Everything is for sale. Prices are awesome. Find a wall that needs a boost, and enjoy the energy. Or just look at the photos and go inside yourself and think - what can I do differently to help me realize my dreams.

I believe that happiness and success are not words with definitions. They mean different things to different people and cannot be attained in this life. They are ideals that have no meaning. Instead, I believe that happiness and success are a series of perfect moments in your every day life. The more perfect moments, the closer you get.

Enjoy life. Try something new. Smile and laugh. Make a bucketlist and cross some of them off every year. Hug someone (preferably if you know them of course). Live your dreams.