A Great Time

A big thank you to all those who came to share with us last night.

Special thanks to Kathleen at www.passioncatering.ca for the amazing food. Thanks to Jen for keeping it all organized so Saint and I could mingle and talk and laugh.

We did well enough to go out and buy more canvases and more paints to continue to create.

There are so many ways that we choose to live our lives.

Last night I was surrounded by those who came to support, by those who walked around the WeeHouse and chose to take a painting home – to bring some new energy to their lives. I thank everyone – my friends, their friends, some who I met for the first time and some who I had not seen for years.

I cherish the creativity in my life. To choose to live my true purpose is paramount to me. Passion not Monotony is my creed.

You too can choose to change, you too can choose a slightly different path. I wish the best for everyone. I cherish my friendships and appreciate each one of you.

Saint, thank you for sharing your talent with the WeeHouse.

Keep checking this site and I will be posting my new paintings and photos as I live my life to the fullest. Feel free to look around and buy anything on the site.

And by the way, Abby is so tired today – she’s sleeping now after so much input. She thanks everyone for the treats that found their way into her mouth.

See you in 2013 at the next WeeHouse art show!!


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