Spain Trip 2013

Spain Panoramas

Here lies way too many panorama shots. Each one is warped and awesome in its own way. Saint had much fun creating them, and by themselves, they are art. Imagine looking at some of these all day as a poster on your wall. Like taking too many happy pills. Enjoy.

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Barcelona – Sagrada Familia

I don’t usually like churches since every time I step foot in one, I think I am going to burst into flame. But this church in Barcelona is by far the most amazing edifice I have ever been inside. Or outside. The architecture is pure genius, and by some accounts, totally wacko. So of course…

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Not Spain. the cool part is that you park in Spain, walk across the border over the airport runway, then you’re there. Note to anyone who goes there: do not walk down the Rock after you take the cable car up. Or if you do, it takes three hours to walk down – steep and…

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